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What is iRacing?

by Skinny Dynamo SCR editor

Sponsored by NASCAR. iRacing is the world’s premier PC-based motorsports racing simulation. The simulator Dale Jr. races on.

An membership provides entry into the newest form of competitive motorsport: internet racing. Internet racing is a fun, easy, and inexpensive way for race fans, sim racers and gamers alike to enjoy the thrill of the racetrack from the comfort of their home. See iRacing News. Read NASCAR Driver Testimonials

We are the ultimate place to go racing online. From NASCAR to IndyCar, GRAND-AM, Aussie V-8 Supercars to sports cars and Grand Prix racing, iRacing has it all including new dirt races. All you need is a PC, a gaming wheel or game pad that simply plugs into the USB port of your computer and an Internet connection. iRacing organizes all of the racing for you with over 40 official series, or you can choose to host your own race or race in one of over 400 private leagues. iRacing is a thrilling on-line experience that offers:

  • The best on-line racing simulation and service in the world with brilliant features and functionality
  • Head-to-head racing competition – racing against real people
  • Open practice, qualifying, testing, time trialing competition
  • Constant free automatic updates and improvements to the service
  • Officially licensed cars that are engineered from the ground up in cooperation with real world race teams and using real-world physics
  • Officially-licensed, laser-scanned exact replicas of the world’s greatest race tracks
  • Officially-sanctioned racing organized by iRacing
  • An online community of racing enthusiasts over 40,000 strong.
  • Ability to host your own private sessions, run your own tournaments or create your own private racing leagues
  • Now racing on Dirt.

Iracing Adds 4 new Dirt/Clay ovals this season, with more to come.

iRacing has gone dirt if you’ve never driven clay before you are in for a high learning curve. My respect level for the drivers who do this is through the roof. It looks easy, but these people are artists. Lots of drivers are turning to iRacing dirt to fulfill their dream or brush up on technique.

iRacing from YouTube

If you haven’t ever watched an iRacing race you are in for a treat. iRacing is more of a racing simulator than it is a game. iRacing cars and trucks are adjustable and you do have tire wear, run out of fuel, and have incidents.

Make sure you view this on full screen. The is the same view the driver has for the race. Ride with my favorite iRacing driver. Matt Orr or as he calls himself, “Empty Box”. View what Matt sees on his computer screen, and listen to the driver and spotter chatter. I like Matt for his skill and the things he says about this sport. Each car, except eh pace car, is being driven by a human driver who is logged on to his computer with his or hers steering wheel and pedals,

 Skinny Dynamo SCR editor

November 21, 2015

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