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How to do Speedway Advertising at your local track

Mike Dukes is a regular contributor to Stock Car Racer. This Fan’s home track is 3/8 mile clay banked oval, East Alabama Motor Speedway, Phenix City, Alabama.

So here I am, just sitting here waiting for them to dry out the track and do some hot laps so I can check out the cars and drivers. I looking around and see some Speedway Advertising signs. I wounder how I get my business name on one of those signs? How much does it cost> Who do you talk to about it/ I see a competitors sign and wonder how much business it generates for them? I’d like to know if I could afford it. Do you have t pay up front and just hope for new business to role in? Who do I talk to about advertising at this track?

I’ve learned that speedway advertising comes in different flavors. Speedway Billboards are common at most tracks and they add to the fan experience. Local businesses can benefit greatly from supporting their local track fans. I bet the track could use the extra money for improvements too? How do I get my company name on one of those billboards?

When I attend my local track Saturday nights, I often read the billboards during warmups, before the racing starts. I’m interested to see what busines sponsor short tract stock care racing. The announcer mentions some of them, but doesn’t tell me who to see about advertising. While browsing the signs, I’ve often wondered, “how do I get my business name on one of these billboards”? Well how do you?

Attention all Tracks – Make Speedway Advertising Easy

  • Billboard that says “YOUR AD HERE CALL 555-555-5555” Wouldn’t that be helpful for those who would advertise?
  • How about including instructions on advertising in the program? Could be pre-printed and enclosed as a separate sheet.
  • How about naming the heat races, example; Tonight Carl’s Towing Late Model 8 Lap Heat race is sponsored by Carl’s Towing and adds $100 to the winners purse. ( just saying )
  • EAMS, my home track does a fast qualifier $100 bonus. That’s cool. But just a PA announcement should be accompanied by some kind of visual. Maybe a small sign.
  • How about including all local advertisers on the Track website?
  • How about including tickets and pit passes to advertisers? People want more for their money in this economy.

Lucas Oil Speedway Advertising – Does it right

Here’s the way Lucas Oil Speedway does it. This was copied directly from their website, so they are telling everyone how to advertise, how much it cost and for what period of time it will be displayed..

Billboards Annual Contract
Renewal Rate – 3 Year
Three Year Total
4 x 8 $ 750 $ 500 $ 1,500
6 x 10 $ 2,000 $ 1,500 $ 4,500
8 x 12 $ 3,000 $ 2,500 $ 7,500
8 x 16 $ 3,500 $ 3,000 $ 9,000
8 x 20 $ 4,000 $ 3,500 $ 10,500
8 x 24 $ 4,500 $ 3,600 $ 11,200
  • Lucas Oil Speedway will maintain billboard for length of contract
  • Advertiser will supply all needed board copy and artwork
  • Three year contracts are requested – billed annually on Feb. 1st
  • Additional Signage Opportunities Available


Sponsorship Speedway Advertising Packages may include:

  • Use of a Lucas Oil Speedway VIP Suite or general admission tickets for the night.
  • Choice of deli style platters and beverages catered to the VIP Suites.
  • Company name and/or logo used in all advertising used by Lucas Oil Speedway to promote that night of racing. Could include TV, Radio, News Print, Trade Papers and Magazines, Web advertising and other related advertising materials.
  • Video Billboard commercials for the night. (min of three)
  • PA announcements and personal interviews on your race night.
  • Pace vehicle rides for you or your special guests.
  • Trophy presentations by you our your staff including your companies name and/or logo on the trophies for that night
  • Discounted additional general admission tickets for the night.
  • Use of the Midway Display Area for display and sampling for the night.
  • Website link for your company on

Sponsor will supply all ad copy, video clips, art work, and other necessary advertising materials.

I would like to see more tracks help their bottom line and local business by promoting speedway advertising. Let local businesses show their support for local oval short track racing by track advertising. Making is easy for us to understand the process.track

May 7, 2015

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