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iRace for less than you’d think.

by Skinny Dynamo editor

iRacing SpeedwayAMERICA, USA — Ever wanted to try your hand at racing but just can’t afford it? Now you can! So if I told you could get your cars, tracks, steering wheel, and pay for a 3-month pit pass for less than $200 would you be interested? I took the advice of Dale Earnhardt JR. when he said simulated iRacing was serious fun. My son, Tyler, is a racing fan and also races on his computer. After just a short time he started talking to me about it, I tried it and I was hooked. It’s a lot harder than I thought it would be. Running lines and hitting marks isn’t easy, but you learn. But you might be an experienced racer or a  natural after a short learning curve you’ll be racing and practicing and racing and practicing.  You race against other sim racers human drivers from all over the world.

There is so much to iRacing, I could never cover it all. But if you are interested to know a little about simulated racing I’ll do the best I can to hit the high spots.

How do I get started?

You must have a computer and an Internet connection. Good, if you have that, you are half way there, In order to compete, you must have an account. They run deals from time to time so you can generally get a three-month racing license for about ten bucks. You will need a racing wheel and foot pedal set (about $139) and your ready. So for around $150 you can compete with some of the best racers in the World. Sim racing isn’t just a guy thing, many drivers are female and you can’t tell any difference when you compete against them. It just takes practice, lots of practice.

iRacing Features

  • Each iRacing Season lasts 12 weeks. Competition for a class championship is fierce. It’s great. They also have State Teams. Each driver is on his home state team and can win points in certain situations for the Team competition championship.
  • You race against other members
  • You drive through the driver perspective inside the cockpit.
  • A complete garage lets you make all the adjustments to your racer as you would in real cars or trucks.
  • You may replay your race or any driving experience to watch your driving and improve on it
  • When you practice you may display the tracks best driving line and practice with it own to gain the secret of the line.
  • Choose oval tracks or,
  • Choose road courses
  • Car set-ups are authentic as well as the tire models
  • Street Stocks, Late Models and Super Late Models, Super Late Models, Craftsman Trucks, K&N Series, Xfinity Series and Monster Energy Cup Car Series along with Sprint cars, Wheelen Modifieds and you can even join a league and race your friends.
  • Tracks are laser scanned for accuracy and are visually the very same as racing on the actual track.
  • iRacing’s website has all the information you need to get going and to make the most of your subscription.

2 Ways to Score Points

  1. You are rewarded with iRating Points for wins and how you finished, just like you would expect.
  2. Safety Rating Points are deducted for contact or loss of control. This is called your Safety iRating (as you race you get a certain amount of safety points which accumulate towards your next license rank.
  3. You may also run Time Trials for iRating Points.Time Trials are scored by entering the Time Trials mode on the current track for the week. You run ten consecutive laps with no incidents and your time is averaged and scored. Your times are posted and scored. Standings are kept and you may compete in the time trial as many times as you like to improve your score.
  4. Races are sanctioned and scored by NASCAR and Wheelen and standings appear on (check it out)
  5. iRacing televises the pro-class races in which the season winner receives $10,000 cash money plus other prizes.

If you have questions you can learn everything about iRacing on their website. I hope to see you on the track. Click to visit.

July 2, 2015

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