SCSCS coming Nascar going

SCSCS Coming, NASCAR Going

SCSC Series is an up and coming answer to the ailments of NASCAR.

More oval short track racing, more real stock car action. Door to door duels close enough to see. The cost of maintaining NASCAR cars and tracks and travel drives ticket prices higher. I love Atlanta Speedway but the track is huge and it’s hard to see whats going on. NASCAR racing is great for TV, but attending a live race leaves me wondering why I just didn’t stay home and watch it on TV. That and the nearly 100 mile drive home is tough. Atlanta recently removed the turn 3 and 4 grandstands, the best seats in the house. AMS will save about $300,000 on property taxes and they really didn’t need the seats anyway because there are plenty of empty ones on the front straight-away.

I recently stumbled upon an up and coming racing series, at least its new to me, and I’m excited about it. Cars that are no longer viable in NASCAR and ARCA are being refurbished and are super competitive on the small tracks they run Read this first chapter of how  the Super Cup Stock Car Series came to be and where it’s heading.

The History of the Super Cup Stock Car Series [SCSCS]

Chapter One

About a year ago a rumbling started in the short track world. Talk about a touring series that was affordable started to circulate. With interest growing and costs escalating out of control the time was right. Major changes year after year forced teams to withdraw from USAR. The time had come to get back to the basic idea of running the cars that you already had. Several people were interested in a low cost series and came together to make it happen. The time for talking was over, and the time for doing was here.

On October 13th 2007 Hickory Motor Speedway was chosen for an exhibition race. Teams from as far away as Iowa and Pennsylvania came to compete. Fifteen cars showed up for a 50 lap trophy dash. Dexter Canipe Jr. of Newton NC. won the race.

On October 27th a second race at Tri-county speedway had competitors from Florida, Mississippi and Indiana joining in as well. Ryan Miller from Ohio won that race.

The Super Cup Stock Car Series was formed by a five member advisory board consisting of Owners, Drivers and Officials from USAR.

On November 11th 2007 a meeting was held to determine the format of this series. The exhibition races indicated that a new series would be well received. The core of this series would be pro-cup cars that were no longer eligible to compete. The New Series Made appearances at the PRI Show in Orlando as well as Piedmont Expo in NC. The schedule was set for 2008. In three hundred and fifty three days, ten sanctioned races were held in five states at seven different race tracks. The new series had four first time winners. Two veterans also won races making six different winners in it’s first season. Click this link and read Chapter two, READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE.

Eligible Car Models

Chevrolet: 1999-2006 Monte Carlo Ford: 1999-2005 Taurus 2006-2012 Fusion Pontiac 1999-2006 Gran Prix Dodge 1999-2004 Intrepid 2005-2012 Charger 2014 Ford / Chevrolet. Watch this video for SCSCS action.

April 26, 2015

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