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SCRer Website Offers free extras

By Mike Dukes (Skinny Dynamo)

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA — Website Offers – At Dukes Internet Media, creators of Stock Car Racer, we love stock car racing and are avid local track fans, supporters, and iRacers.

That is reason enough to extend this discounted Stock Car related offer at the low price of only $250, complete. Talk to your sponsor about partnering up, and sharing the cost on your new site with them and we’ll place their information on your site too. So for $125 each you can both move your endeavor to the Internet.

This is perfect for the driver who is building his own car, up to a tested and experienced race team. Tracks, sponsors, race series and more. This offer is only for Stock Car Racing endeavors.

Seeking a car Sponsor or Track Advertisers?

Get your name out to a specific set of fans, like sponsors and advertisers. Sure Facebook helps, but when the tire meets the track, you need a website with contact information and details. If you are trying to attract a car sponsorship, this is a good tool to publish a sponsorship package resume’.including pictures, series participating in and track points, etc.

If you are a track seeking to sell billboard space, tell them about your package plans and what they get for their money. Present a track diagram showing ad spaces and pricing. I don’t see many tracks publicizing this information. If you want to sell something you must make it available to buy.

Website offers free extras

  1. Domain name included.
  2. Free Logo included if you need one.
  3. Free first year of hosting on fast servers included
  4. Free, you own backend Control panel by cPanel.
  5. Free Social hook-up ready.
  6. I’ll use your text and pictures to create a first-rate website that you can keep up with minimal learning curve and no special software. You find complete directions as to how to add pages and articles right from your browser on Dukes Website Creation
  7. You can add articles, pictures, and new pages. I provide instructions and limited support when you need it.
  8. This is no cheesy, thrown-together website. I have been a web designer since 2000 and turned professional in 2005.
  9. You pay only $250 up front and I produce and upload the site. We accept PayPal.
  10. Contact me by phone 706-563-9521 and we can discuss your plans, no obligation.
  11. OR you may simply contact me by email, I prefer a phone conversation so I can answer your questions and ask my own. It takes longer emailing back and forth, but it can be done if that’s what you prefer.
  12. Don’t pass-up Website Free Stuff deal

If you are not personally interested, please tell others about Stock Car Racers Special Website offers, and thank you in advance.

This Special Deal is only available to Race Related Sites! Other business packages are available at low cost too. See Dukes Website Creation.

April 29, 2015

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