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Promoting those who bring us Short Track Oval Racing. Tracks, Drivers and Race Supporters. are invited to browse our Directory. Register to get free upgrades like, Race Community Messaging & Race Article Publishing. The Stock Car racing community is fiercely loyal and loves it’s sport. SCRer is the perfect tool to for drivers to attract sponsors, sponsors to attract business and for tracks to attract fans. SCRer is phone or mobile ready. Most racing sites aren’t yet.

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Even if your business is prospering, it could be even better. Consider thousands of race fans who don’t know there are other tracks with-in a 50 or 100 radius from their location and might come, if they knew where te were. Race fans turn to Stock Car Racer .net for track information, or to follow a Race Series, a driver, or for sponsor. Information, videos and links directed to their websites and Facebook pages, if we can find them.

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FIlling out the complete registration is important, as this is the information our viewers will see. Be complete with your address, and phone number.  Registering is absolutely Free and it’s for everyone who is interested or involved in Auto Racing on short track ovals. Your registration entitles you to make comments about the listings throughout the SCRer site, send in your racing pictures and articles, and SCRer Community messaging.

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We encourage you to list your Auto Racing track, driver, and sponsor websites. We have free listings for anyone. We also offer listings with more features and better placement. Click the Add Listing button, in the main menu bar up top, to check out what we offer.

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Just paste the code in your description where you want the movie to appear and it will. If you have any trouble, I’ll give it a shot for you, just call or email me with the URL of the movie on You Tube and I’ll put it in for you.

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