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The last decade has seen the decline of NASCAR. Yes, the economy is one main factor. But also the race formats have moved so far away from Saturday night racing. The ShootOuts are something I don’t miss.

It’s more like Saturday night. I also love earning your way into a race through heat races. Since they own the series, it’s theirs to do with as they please. I personally would like to see theses cars and trucks on some short track dirt tracks. Why race Daytona twice, or any other track twice. Fill those extra dates with dirt tracks or more paved short tracks. Some teams can afford to build a special car for almost every track.I say limit the number of cars a team can have in their stable. And while we’re after

brought us many new area racing leagues. This sport is chomping at the bit to break out and the new National Sprint League could be the impetist needed to take dirt track racing to the top.

In its inaugural season the National Sprint League has hit the ground running. The Minnesota-based 410 Sprint Series has gained a large following among top-tier Midwestern-based Sprint Car teams and fans.

According to news the Inauguarla season of the National Sprint League will host events in Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Illinois, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Its 31-race schedule spans from early April until their final event at I-80 Speedway in Nebraska on October 3.

According to the National Sprint League Estes will oversee expansion for the NSL including the addition of a 360 division and setting up regions from Minnesota to the Gulf.

You can support this endeavor by purchasing a ticket and bringing a friend to a race near you.

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December 8, 2015

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