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East Alabama Motor Speedway

Saturday Night Results EAMS – Phenix City, Alabama

Awesome job Mr. Lamar McClellan!

The racing action was awesome! Drivers you guys put on a great show! We appreciate you and the fans do as well!

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EAMS Saturday night 8/22/15

Here’s a quick recap of the night’s action:

Late Model:
1st – Terrence Nowell
2nd – Thomas Lewis
3rd – Jeff Culpepper

1st – Josh Cox
2nd – Junior McGuire (Amy Traywick)
3rd – Bubba Gorman

1st – John Michael Schmear
2nd – Randy Cornwell
3rd – Derrick Pearce

1st – Richie Grantham
2nd – Keaton Koffman
3rd – Chris Arnett

Road Warrior:
1st – Chandler Diem
2nd – John Burke, Sr.
3rd – Bobby Duell

Hot Shots:
1st – Dustin Ducker
2nd – Rodney Gorman
3rd – Lloyd Segars

For those of you who want the details from a fan’s point of view, here you go.

First things first – I’ve NEVER seen a crowd like this at EAMS for a race that wasn’t an Alabama State Championship or National 100. I don’t know what the capacity is at EAMS, but they definitely approached it tonight. The Monster Trucks were on hand for the 2nd consecutive night and were very entertaining, especially for the youngsters (though, I’m 65 and I was entertained as well…).

Late Model – Russ Ogletree Motorsports and Fabrication set fast time in qualifying with a 15.80, only 1/100 of a second faster than Dennis Hale, and 4/100 over Montana Dudley. Tod Darda was 4th quick at 15.94, with Thomas Lewis rounding out the top 5 with a 16.04. Ogletree jumped out to a sizeable lead right away followed by Dudley who held a comfortable margin over Hale, Nowell, and Darda. Darda fell out at lap 10. Hale brought out a caution at lap 16 when he ran off in turn 1. On the restart Ogletree took the high line through 1 & 2 while Dudley pulled a slide job and came up right in front of Ogletree at the exit to turn 2. You’ll have to talk to Dudley and Ogletree to get their sides of what happened next. I’ll just say that the two cars collided and the result was that both were damaged beyond immediate repair and were out of the race. This dropped the race squarely in Terrence Nowell’s lap as he had moved smartly from 8th at the start up to 3rd. He was followed by Lewis, Jeff Culpepper, Brand Lewis, Patrick Wall, and Hale. Hale made a late race charge to move up to 4th ahead of Brand Lewis and Wall.

Limited Late Model – This was somewhat of a replay of the Limited feature from Friday night with Josh Cox in a league of his own. Junior McGuire was never in position to challenge Cox and came home a comfortable 2nd. The race for 3rd was a different matter. Bubba Gorman, Jackson Thomason, Tyler Thomason, Jay Elliott, and Dusty Jones fought it out like it was the last race of their careers. Jackson Thomason was the first casualty of this battle when he spun in turn 2 on lap 7. On the restart there was a collision between Joey Keyser and Jake Traylor down the back stretch. I don’t know what happened to cause this wreck, but both cars were out for the night. On the next restart the order of the top 5 was Cox, McGuire, Gorman, Elliott, and Tyler Thomason. The only change from here to the end was that Thomason got by Elliott for 4th.

Hobby – Randy Cornwell started from the pole with John Michael alongside. On Friday night Cornwell worked the top side to perfection to win the Hobby feature and tonight it was John Michael’s turn to do the same. Once out front, there was no way anybody was going to get by JM unless he made a major mistake – he didn’t. Cornwell held on for a comfortable 2nd over Derrick Pearce, Jamie Land, and Al Walker.

Bomber – There was a low car count in this class tonight, and it got worse when Tater Holmes broke in the heat race, Chris Arnett showed up late for the feature, and Jonathan Coggins fell out on lap 1 in the feature. To top it all, the 2 cars left to battle it out weren’t very well matched tonight. Richie Grantham took an easy win over Keaton Koffman with Arnett riding around to take 3rd.

Road Warriors – This was a good race with Chandler Diem out front followed by the father and son team of John Burke, Jr. and John Burke, Sr. Burke, Jr. had won the Road Warrior feature on Friday night and was itching for a repeat, but Diem had a little too much for him tonight. The battle for 4th between Bobby Duell and Jason Lang was a good one – this was actually the battle for 3rd when Burke, Jr. had trouble on the final lap allowing his Dad to take 2nd over Duell, Lang, and Burke, Jr.

Hot Shots – Describing this race is going to be difficult – it was run clockwise instead of counter clockwise around the track. I think this messed with the driver’s minds. Early in the race Dustin Ducker and Lloyd Segars got together with Segars spinning on the backstretch. On lap 6 Segars made his way back to Ducker and spun him out in turn 1. This came to an end 2 laps later when Ducker spun Segars off turn 2 resulting in Segars hitting the inside wall and ending his night. On the final restart Rodney Gorman stopped on the front straight as Ducker completed the final lap alone on the track for the win. Crazy, crazy race…

I’m really looking forward to next week as the Open Wheel Modifieds return to EAMS – I love them!! Also, it’s Kid’s Night with children 12 and under admitted free. There’s also a water slide and other things for the kids. Come on out and enjoy another great night of racing at EAMS.

Tyler Thomason Jay Elliott Dusty Jones Joey Keyser Jake Traylor Jamie LandTater Holmes Jonathan Coggins

August 23, 2015

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