EAMS goes Chevie in Road Warriors

Chevie Henderson

EAMS goes Chevie

5-30-2015 East Alabama Motor Speedway (EAMS) Phenix City, Al.

Dukes Tradition Initiates another Generation

Finally everything fell into place to make Saturday night at East Alabama Motor Speedway (EAMS) happen. 3 generations of “Dukes boys” arrived just in time for Hot Laps. It was a regular race night, no special series or anything. But it was a super special night for the Dukes Clan. My Dad took me to Albany Speedway when I was 4 yrs. old. I was hooked, and have been an active short track fan at tracks across America. I took my son Tyler to EAMS when he was four and tonight he and I were talking Tyler’s son, the youngest Dukes to EAMS. The tradition seems safe, Alex loved it. His eyes stayed wide open as he concentrated on the cars, I have to say he was excited. He made a few friends of two young men his age, and they played all night with their light-up-pylons and watched the races.

We came equipped. A bag of candy for my Grandson Alex, peanuts for me and Tyler and two coolers full of drinks and three lawn chairs. Before the first race I made a trip to the EAMS Snack bar for a cheeseburger and settled in for racing. Some interesting heat races left us ready for the Features.

Hobby Stocks Feature

My over-all favorite class the Hobby stocks had a battle between 22-Randy Cornwell and 294-John Michael went on lay after lap. The crowd was on their feet for somewhere around 20 laps. Randy Cornwell did edge out Micheal at the flag for the win. Congratulations to both drivers for clean, skilled, thrilling racing. Last week Michael edged Cornwell for the win. Hobby class fans are truly blessed to have these racers at EAMS to watch. Who’s gonna beat’em?

Late Models Feature

Chevie HendersonThe Late Models put on a terrific show as well. Most of my favorite drivers were there, JR Moseley, Danny Stroud, Dana Eiland, Jeff and Ricky Culpepper, and Montana Dudley.  As expected this race was super competitive with JR Moseley getting a close win.

Here Comes Chevie and the Road Warriors

The surprise of the night came in the Road Warrior Division. First let me say I always watch the new guys and especially if they are young. Enter Chevie Henderson – 38. A young man sitting in front of us turned and proudly told us he attends school with this 15-year-old driver. I couldn’t take my eyes off him as he made his way from back in the field to second. With a spin in turn four putting Henderson at the back of the pack with 11 to go. This young man wasn’t out there riding around, he was up on the wheel and he was driving to the front. He was back to third in just a few laps. Another caution bunched the field and Chevie started third. Green flag dropped and sent the first three cars into turn one with the 38 car going in on the bottom. He pulled even and had a run on the bottom of three wide but began to slide up as he went for the pass. Not enough room and all three cars when over the turn three burm and off the track. Every one came back, but Henderson’s car wasn’t right. He ducked into the pits for some quick repairs, but when he came back out the car wasn’t competitive. He didn’t finish, #5-Jason Lang edged #7-Bobby Duell at the flag stand for the super close win.  I came away with a feeling that this Chevie Henderson is a driver and should have a really good, long racing career. I enjoy his hard charging style and hope to report on Henderson again real soon from the EAMS Winner’s Circle.

Alex was happy, His Dad and my son Tyler was happy ad I was happy with great racing and once again proved East Alabama Motor Speedway is the “Best Saturday Night” in town. Amen brothers and sisters.

June 1, 2015

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