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Dueling Derby

Dueling Derby

by Skinny Dynamo
Columbus, GA.

Dueling DerbyA new twist on Saturday nights. This just might work. Race Fans love a good close race, why not pick the two best cars and see them duel it out. With new rules of course.

The other night some race fans and I were talking around the camp-fire, so to speak. We were talking about a new type of race, well suited to tracks that don’t draw many cars. Here’s the skinny.

The Duel Rules

  • Dueling Derby is between two cars. Preferably the two cars that battle it out in the feature every Saturday night or the two fastest class qualifiers. Track picks.
  • There are (2) 8 lap segments,
  • 1st segment, the slowest qualifier starts on the pole in a single file start.
  • 2nd segment, leader on the last lap of the first segment, starts 2nd.
  • Each Driver receives one point for each lap led
  • After both segments whoever has the most laps led is the winner,
  • In case of a tie, the purse is split evenly.
  • Caution laps don’t count
  • Restarts are all single file.



The slower car the will have to make excellent restarts and use legal blocking techniques to gain some advantage to make up for a slower lap time. The number of laps for each segment may need adjustment depending on the track size.

We’ll never know until Dueling Derby is tried, but the basic idea is sound. It’s a concept that would work at most local tracks even if the pits are full of cars. We’ve had Demolition Derbies, Thrill Shows, Spectator Racing and a Powder Puff Derby. why not a Dueling Derby? Just trying to come up with something new strategy to fill the stands.

What do you think?

I will approach a few tracks with the idea after you help me work out the details. Like to hear your ideas and comments below. Don’t be shy.please.

Your race fan buddy, Skinny Dynamo…

June 20, 2015

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