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Driver Promotions – Drivers who are looking for a car sponsor can promote their Championships, wins, cars and current sponsors SCR gives you the space.

It’s not a sign of vanity to write about yourself in your Driver Promotions. But if you aren’t famous yet who will write about you and your races?. You don’t have to be vain to post a driver bio on Stock Car Racer (SCR) You could use a free public driver bio.if you are a serious Racer. Fans want to know who you are and a little about you. We an help you tell them all about yourself. Let SCR help you draw fans. Short Track Oval Racing is growing and advertisers are looking for ways to advertise. Why not sponsor a car or two?

It’s human nature to want to pick a favorite in a race. I do it all the time. The more I know about a driver the more I watch him or her to see how they are doing. I particularly like to see how the young new drivers do against the older pros. That’s always fun.

Promote your driving record, car and what you like to do when your not racing. and join hundreds of drivers across America who are doing the same on Stock Car Racer.

Driver Promotions?

Serious drives who are looking for a car sponsor can promote their Championships, wins and cars. SCR gives you the driver promotions platform to blow your own horn. Take advantage of it and add pictures and video if you like. Be sure to add pictures. Sponsors are not always local and now you have a place to promote yourself on a National level.

Getting Started with Driver Promotions

  1. Click Add Listing
  2. Chose free or enhanced plan.
  3. FIll out the listing form
  4. Add pictures
  5. Click submit.
  6. Your listing will be reviewed by SCR staff and published.
  7. You can log into your listing anytime and make changes, so you can keep your information relevant.


June 29, 2015

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