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Schaeffer Oil 9003D 5W-30 is now Dexos1 approved oil and can be used under GM warranty requirements. Coming soon Dexos 2 licensing. You can find more Schaeffer Synthetic oil for sale here for all your equipment, automotive and construction needs. Be sure to look into Biodegradable hydraulic oil.

Schaeffer’s Chief Chemist Report on Engine Break-in Using Schaeffer Synthetic Oil

“The use of a synthetic base oil or even a synthetic blend engine oil will not affect ring seating even in a rebuilt engine. The same holds true for flat tappet cam engines. These are old wife’s tales that have perpetuated since the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. As far a ring seating goes this process is nothing more than a wear process. The use of a high quality engine oil regardless whether it is a synthetic base oil, synthetic blend oil or a petroleum base oil or even if it contains moly will allow this wear process to take place at a much smoother and even rate.”

Lawrence G. Ludwig, Jr., CLS, OMA, CMFS

Chief Chemist/Technical Director
Schaeffer Mfg

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You will find all Schaeffer’s oilTD Sheets & MSDS Sheets as links * found on detailed descriptions for all Schaeffer Products. Buy Schaeffer Oil is a great resource for acquiring knowledge of Schaeffer’s Lubricants and we have all of their synthetic oils for sale. Our sites search engine is easy to locate products by name or number. Compare Data and make an informed choice.

April 21, 2013

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