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SCR Article SubmissionWe accept both registered and guest article submission from authors and FANS from various fields of Short Track Oval Racing. To appear in LOCAL NEWS. We’d love to hear from Drivers, Tracks, Sponsors and Fans.

Write your article on any subject as long as “Short Track Oval Racing” is the focus

Your article submission must have unique content and add value to our website. You may include keywords and up to 2 links back to your blog or website.

Due to security reasons, we are not allowing upload of any media files with a guest post. Up to three (3) pics with each article are allowed. or two pics and a video. Click share and copy the URL then paste it in where ever you want the video to appear. Got some new ideas, write about them and let the racing community comment.

All posts submitted will be held for moderation and if published, the author will be notified via email.


By submitting your article to SCRer it is assumed you are the writer and owner of the material you submit and you are giving Stock Car Racer permission to publish your post and that SCRer can not be held liable in any way for publishing your article or for any photo copyright infringement. It’s just for fun and entertainment. Become a regular contributor on Stock Car Racer. Limit articles to 500 words please, there’s no minimum word count. Please keep it family orientated, we appreciate Race fans and all who contribute to the sport of Oval Short Track Racing. Your article may be edited, optimized, by the SCRer staff for better search engine ranking placement. So you can search Google for your article.

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