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Thank you for your interest. SCRer encourages any business, small or large to advertise with us. Your business does NOT have to be racing related. If you have a restaurant or accommodations, car wash, near a track that’s just perfect, You also don’t have to have your own website. We can link the ad to a page showing your company’s address and phone number along with the product or service you are advertising. We will make this page for you and present it as a Sponsor Listing.

Offering Professional Website-Design/WebMaster-Services

if you prefer a complete website we’ll build and host your entire new site for a year for $250 complete. Then $125 per year after that. The site we design for you belongs to you to do with as you please, or if you prefer we will manage it for you, doing all the software updates writing new articles, we’ll provide text optimization, and site optimization to promote your site up the ladder in Google, Bing and Yahoo. all for $50 per month. Call in or email in, your site updates and they will appear on your site within 24 hours. It’s easy and for $50 a month you get the benefit of a full time employee at your beck and call. All without the high cost of hiring a new employee, No taxes, no health care plan and a professional on the other end of your phone virtually 8 hours each day. Get a professional site run by a professional WebMaster.\

Tracks, Drivers, Promoters,

SCR also encourages race tracks to use this advertising program to promote their special events. There may not be a better way to reach area race fans than SCRer.

Your ad will be seen throughout all of SCR on a rotating basis with other site ads or on specific pages, reaching the most unique people. Ad rates are as follows below.
We offer you the convenience of paying by credit card below, or you may pay by check or money order.

Static 300×80 Banner Monthly Rates

Your 300 x 80 banner advertisement will appear on all listing pages and is placed in rotation with other ads on the front page.

300 x 80

Your 300 x 80 banner advertisement will appear on all listing pages and will rotate on the front page.


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